Newspaper Information Flow.

Newspaper Information Flow.

The division of labor within a newspaper office is usually broken up in the following fashion; the editor followed by the subeditor who is responsible for the assigning and gathering of news to and from journalists, reporters, stringers, correspondents and photographers.

The departments within the newspaper office include the features department, the art department which is the base for photojournalists, typesetting rooms which focus on layout and design and the advertising department and finally the circulations manager.

There are a number of news agencies around the world that supply news to newsrooms in local, national and international newspapers. Organizations such as; The Associated Press, United Press, European Press Photo Agency or Magnum are usually 24-hour news services distributing news updates to newsrooms all over the world.

News production has a cyclical nature as it is processed, edited and published on a daily basis. The features sections within a newspaper may be on a weekly or monthly cycle while seasonal specials [and major sports events] may be produced on an annual basis.


About Gerard Hannan

Media Student at MIC/UL in Limerick, Ireland. Worked as a Broadcaster/Journalist in Limerick for over 25 Years and has also published four local interest books.

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